Your Invitation Website cum App is ready.

Please find below the detailed instructions on how to use your invitation & app.

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A copy of this document is sent to your email if provided.

Your Invitation Website link

Type (or) copy/paste your invitation link displayed above on WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram etc. & leave a short pause; the application automatically picks up your invitation details from the server like the following image.

Now you can click on send button/publish post button to share your invitation with others.

It works the same way across all social media platforms.

Link 1: Invitation as App

Type (or) copy/paste your app link displayed above on WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram etc. & leave a short pause; the application automatically picks up your app installation details from the server like the following image.

Video Tutorial: How to download invitation app on android & iPhone?

Now you can click on send button/publish post button to share your Invite as APP with others.

To download Invite as APP, open your app link displayed above on your browser, and follow the instructions. It doesn't take much time to download because the app size will be less than 1 MB.

Once downloaded, it works as any other native app on your device. It means the invitation opens even without an active network connection.

It works on iPhone, Android & Chrome on Mac, Windows & Linux.

Invitation as Image

Video Tutorial: How to share your invitation as website app & image?

Right-click to save this picture on your device & share it via social mediums.

Now you need to save two essential links as App icons. One to track RSVP, the other to upload pictures to your wedding gallery.

It's essential to save these links as icons because you need them many times, at least until your wedding. It's a one-time simple process. Once saved, it will work till your invitation have validity & You don't need this document every time you need to upload pictures and track RSVP.

Link 2: RSVP Tracking Link

Video Tutorial: How to track RSVP of wedding invitation?

If you have iPhone, open the link above in the Safari browser and follow the images below

If you have Android, open the link above in Chrome browser and follow the images below

Link 3: Album link

Video Tutorial: How to upload photos to wedding album?

If you have iPhone, open the link above in the Safari browser and follow the images below

If you have Android, open the link above in Chrome browser and follow the images below

Images uploaded through this link are published instantly on your invitation's captured moments section. You can share these links with your spouse & event organizers so that you can collaborate to track RSVP & manage the wedding gallery. Anyone who has these links can upload and delete pictures from your wedding gallery.

These links work on all phones, tablets & PC.

The RSVP & ALBUM links as App icons are symbolic BOOKMARK LINKS denoted by a star(★) at the beginning. It means it needs an active internet connection to work properly.

The ALBUM link always takes some time to load the first time. It depends on the number of pictures you have in your album and speed of your network connection.

Note: These links are unique till your invitation validity ends. So only share with people whom you trust.

Fair usage policy: You cannot share your ALBUM link on social media (or) to a large audience with whom you don't have control. The uploaded pictures cannot contain violent (or) explicit content.
Any such content is removed automatically without notice.

I am a fan of Murphy's law which states Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

If you believe someone you trusted before misuse these links by uploading violent/explicit content, you can always contact me via Fiverr. I can update these links for a nominal fee.

Customize Invitation Design

You can choose from 50+ fonts, colors, cover pictures & Monogram design.

Link 4: Your customize link

Video Tutorial: How to customize invitation template such as font, color, background music etc

You can also choose to save this link as App Icon like other links. But you'll need this link only a few times. Only till you finalize your design before sharing your invite.

Once you open the above link, you'll get options to change Font, Color, Cover picture (from templates (or) from your wedding gallery), Monogram design & App Icon.

I suggest ★NOT★ to share customize link with anyone, because anyone who have access to this link can change your Invite design.
So you'll be surprised by a new design when you open your invitation, if someone else changes design without your knowledge.

I suggest finalizing your design before sharing your invite with others. Once your invitees saved your invitation as APP to their mobile device, the design they see at that time is cached to their device. They always see that version of the invitation first.

You can use this link to customize your invitation even after sharing the invite with others. Doing so might cause inconsistenct App experience for your invitees. To avoid such an experience for your invitees, I recommend finalizing your design before sharing it.

Link 5: Your Edit link

Video Tutorial: How to edit the invitation details?

If you saved all Secret links & downloaded your App icon, you see these 5 icons on your device which is enough to manage your invitation from the comfort of your phone.

Once you have these 4 icons, you don't need this document again.


Once your wedding day is over, the countdown timer on your invitation starts counting upwards. So if you want to know the number of days, hours, minutes & seconds elapsed from your wedding event, you can always open your invitation to know instantly.
This bonus feature may sound funny 😃, but a helpful feature to many good gentlemen.
OK, I stop being silly. You'll love the other bonus for sure.


If you are live streaming your wedding on youtube (everyone does nowadays), you can send me your live link. I can update it on your website for a small fee (20 USD)
You'll get a unique link like to share it with everyone. It also appears as a separate icon on your invitation website.


If you have a WishList composed on Amazon or any third party wedding registry, you can send me the public wishlist URL. I can add it to your invitation so that your invitees know your wishlist.


Your anniversary is just a year away & time flies. The first anniversary is always special. Suppose you decide to throw a party or even a small get-together for your anniversary. You can contact me. I can update your wedding invitation as an anniversary invitation at a very nominal fee.

What else do I need to know?

I continue to provide updates & include features. So your invitation continues to get better as the days pass by. For example, I can add new fonts, designs for customizations etc

You already paid in full for all these updates & features.

The domain name, SSL certificate & all photos hosted expires exactly in 365 days from the day your domain is registered.

I suggest NOT to include any contact information like phone numbers, email in "Message to Guests" section of the invitation. Doing so may attract un neccessary SPAM.

You'll get detailed instructions on how to renew it in your email address (if provided) few times just before domain expiry. You can restore it without even contacting me paying a nominal fee.

I suggest renewing it because there are a thousand reasons to celebrate & throw a party in a budding relationship. Every year there will be birthdays, baby showers (Not every year, though 😉 ), Gender reveal, kids' first birthday etc. You can reuse this invitation again and again.

If you ignored all reminders, all data will be deleted in 15 days after expiry. All App icons saved to your device will stop working immediately & you will lose track of time since the wedding happened when you really need it 😢.

Ok, I stop being silly,

But remember that lovely App icon with your smiling faces on your device home screen. It's a memory of your love together.

I believe you'll not let it fade away as time slips by.

This isn't a random gig that sells templates. It is a carefully thought out invitation framework put together with a commitment to service for one year.

Your invitees are going to be impressed by your digital invitation website cum App idea. kindly let them know too about this service. The good we do always comes backs to us.

If you like the service, please leave a feedback ★★★★★ and kindly spread the word about this service to your friends and loved ones 😊

Thank you for poviding me an opportunity to serve you.

Heartfelt congratulations for your wonderfully wedded life ❤︎

Jagan Krishnaraj

WhatsApp Support: +91 999 433 7705