Weddy Website

Your Weddy Website is first step to create a memory for a lifetime.

Weddy can get you a wedding website with a easily rememberable website name that stays in your memory forever.

► Weddy website that works even on an airplane mode on all phones 😲

SSL Certificate included. Security built-in.

Weddy App

Your Weddy App can impress your spouse & guests beyond words.

Weddy can get you a Wedding App with your favorite couple photo & your name.

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Create Weddy App Now →

All your loved ones can save your app on their phone directly from your WhatsApp Invitation.
Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Weddy WhatsApp Invite

Sharing Weddy is so easy with the with WhatsApp Easy-Share QR code. that is sent to you in WhatsApp

All essential information like event date, venue, your name, message & photo are sent inside Weddy's WhatsApp message.

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Weddy is shared to your loved ones as a personal whatsapp message without a forwarded tag.

Send Weddy in your Language

Send Invitation in your native language

A space in your website to express your story in words in your native language too

Add Your story in native language

You can update the message multiple times, even after sharing your Weddy

Weddy's Save the Date System

Weddy helps your loved ones to add event dates on their favorite calendar app seamlessly.

The event gets added as an all-day event with your name, message, Venue & Weddy Link.

Add to calendar animation

Your loved ones can make informed decisions when booking the same date for other appointments.
So your busy guests will love you for this one feature.

Weddy's RSVP Tracking System

1. Weddy helps you plan your wedding better.

Weddy's RSVP Tracking system let's know the exact number of guests attending before wedding, including children.


Give numbers to food vendors to avoid food wastage & save money too.

2. It's effortless for your guests to sign an RSVP from your Website & App.

Guests mention accompanying family members when sending RSVP.

Submit RSVP
Weddy's Gift Registry

Get the gifts you love by using Weddy's Gift Registry & don't recieve duplicate gifts.

Show any third party gift registry (or) your amazon wish list on your wedding website.

Let your loved ones make informed decisions when choosing gifts for you.
Save so much money for you & your guests with Weddy's Gift Registry.

Weddy's Inbuilt Directions Icon

Your guests can use the Weddy's directions icon to get driving directions to the venue on the maps app.

You don't have to attend calls on your busy day to tell directions

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Weddy saves so much time for you and your guests on your wedding day.

Weddy's QR Based Check-IN system

Do you want to know who came to your wedding & who didn't?

Simply use Weddy's QR Based check-in system at the event reception.

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🔴  Weddy's Event Live Stream

Your loved ones who couldn't make it to the wedding in person can still watch it live on your Weddy website.

All you need to do is put your youtube live stream link (or) zoom meeting link in Weddy Website.

Wedding Live Streaming

Live Streaming can get interrupted for many technical reasons.
When you restart, you can update the Stream Link in Weddy so that loved ones who watch it live never gets interrupted.

Weddy's Guest FeedBack System

Do you want to know how vendors served your guests?

Weddy lets you know about it from every guest with the inbuilt guest feedback system

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Weddy's Digital Photo Album

1. Use Weddy's digital photo album from small screens to big screens anywhere in the world..

All you need to remember is your domain name

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Your wedding memories are always closer to you on all screens you have. It's only a thought away.

2. It's also a Screen Saver for your Smart TV.

You Smart TV on your living room have a creative use on special occasions.

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Works with all smart TV's, iPad's & Tablets.

3. It's also a digital photo frame.

You living room tv can be an Art.

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Works with all smart TV's, iPad's & tablets.

Weddy's Wed Clock

Weddy has an inbuilt WedClock that shows you the days of togetherness.

It is also a Digital Clock. Touch anywhere on the screen to toggle among DigiClock & WedClock.

Download Invitation as image instantly

Your old smart phone can now have permanent use on your bedside table. Isn't it?

Personalize Weddy to your Wedding Theme

Personalize Weddy to the theme of your wedding together with your spouse.

You can customize BGM, Font style, Color theme, Cover photo & Monogram design from the comfort of your phone.

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🔴  Manage Weddy from WhatsApp

It's so easy to manage Weddy from your phone.
All you need is ONE SECRET LINK in WhatsApp to manage Weddy from the comfort of your phone.

You can also manage Weddy together with your spouse.

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We will send you the secret link in WhatsApp.

Create Weddy Now
Create Weddy Now

Come on, let's impress your loved ones in no time.