All Weddy Features Explained in under 5 minutes

As a couple 👩‍❤️‍👨, Do you want to send a unique wedding invitation to loved ones but don’t know the first thing about making it?👇
INTRODUCING: The Easiest Way To Make The Most Creative Digital Wedding Invitation with Weddy’s Digital Services.
If you want your digital wedding invitation in 2022 to be unique & different from the others, you must get Weddy now.
To impress your friends & family, the invitation should be different.
The way you send the invitation on WhatsApp should be different.
But most people don’t know this.
Now, It’s possible to build a Creative Wedding Website & Wedding Invite App without the cost involved in producing & maintaining it. I will show you exactly how to do it in this video.
Apart from impressive invitations, Weddy’s digital services can also help you plan your wedding much better & save so much of your time & money on your wedding.
Here’s How it’s done.
1️⃣ Calculating the event attendees in your head to give it to vendors? Use Weddy’s RSVP tracking system to get an exact number of people attending, including children.
2️⃣ Tired of reminding your loved ones about the wedding date 📅 – Weddy’s Save the Date system adds your event to their calendar & reminds them.
3️⃣ Tired of attending phone calls at your wedding to tell directions? Ask guests to use Weddy’s Driving Directions 🚗 to reach the Venue.
4️⃣ Difficult to organize pick up/drop to the wedding venue 💒.? Use Weddy’s Push Notifications to manage wedding communication.
5️⃣ Are you missing your Loved ones in other countries? Use Weddy’s Live Event Stream.
6️⃣ Feels like Vendors charging you for more number people? Use Weddy’s Guest Check-in System.
7️⃣. Want to know how food vendors serve your guests? Use Weddy’s Guest Feedback System ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
8️⃣ Are you finding it difficult to send photos to all of your loved ones? Use Weddy’s Digital Photo Album 📒.
9️⃣. Want to know the days of togetherness in your marriage? Use Weddy’s WedClock ⏰
Weddy is the ONE tool you need before the wedding, during the wedding & after the wedding to serve your guests so well & also to create a lasting memory for a lifetime.
So what are you waiting for?
Goto 👉
Get Weddy Now at just 199 to Create a Lasting Memory.

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