What makes online wedding invitation service unique?

There are hundreds of services available online that offer digital invitation services, so why one more? Other services create e-invitation that are usually images with text that are hard to read or hosted an invitation link under their primary domain name.

At Weddinvit, your invite link is chosen by you, which makes your invitation unique from every other invitation.

What makes Weddinvit unique?

We combined online invitation & wedding websites. Everyone needs an e-invitation for a wedding, it’s a kind of necessity nowadays, but not everyone has the time and money to create a wedding website.

We build a complete wedding website just by taking the information required to create an online invitation.

Example – Bride Name, Groom Name, Wedding Date & Time, Wedding Venue. 


Required fields to create wedding invitation brand

These details are all we need to build you completely branded wedding website & online wedding invitation for you.

Sample Invitation – www.JackWedsRose.com

Unlike other digital invitations, Ours is a smart invitation.

How Weddinvit becomes smart?

99% of the time, the digital invitations are shared on mobile devices that have inbuilt maps & calendars.
Remember, we collect only simple required data about the event. He’s how we use the data
We know people are terrible at remembering the dates, that’s why we have smartphones (now smart invites too).

1. Wedding date & time

Invites are usually sent at least a week or two before the event. With our smart invite, your guests can just save the date to their device calendar directly from the invite & their device takes care of the reminders.

Whenever an invite is opened, it shows the days & hours remaining to the event with a countdown timer. The human brain is terrible at doing even simple date calculations, so let’s give them the days remaining, which helps them in planning.

2. Directions to Wedding Venue

Now your invitee gets a reminder a day before the event in their device. He decides to drive to the venue. He can just open the invite & click “Get Directions.” The driving directions to the venue are shown in his maps application. The directions are 100% accurate as the invitation maker marked the location on google maps.

No need for him to call you to confirm the directions to the venue, which saves you a lot of time before the event.

Directions to wedding venue

3. Bride Name & Groom name

Remember you sent your invitation two weeks before the event, unless the event is happening at the royal palace, most of the invitees forget about the event venue. Still, every single one of them remembers your names. That’s why we give the option to attach an online invitation to a domain name like JackWedsRose.com. 

For example, if the bride who gets married is MARY & the groom’s name is JOHN, the online invitation can be attached to JohnMary.com or any other name chosen by you.

Now your invitee can just go to JohnMary.com and get your invite instead of searching for your invitation. They can simply add your invite to their device home screen for easy access from their device home screen.

Invitation added to iPhone home screen

This is where we differ from all other service providers. We do not host your invite under a subdomain, which makes it look unprofessional and a marketing tactic. Instead, we give the option to attach any name you choose. We give automatic suggestions based on the name availability


Our online invitation collects RSVP messages from your invitees & their custom messages. These are available inside your account, which helps you to plan your event sensibly.

We believe that’s all is expected from a smart online Invitation. It saves your time & your guest time.

How the invitation becomes a wedding website?

Now it’s time to build something more for creative users. It’s optional to attach your invite a name like JackWedsRose.com. If you are one of the few users who chose to attach it to be creative & unique in your online invitation, there is even more that you can do to make it a complete wedding brand.

5. Attach Pre & Post Wedding Photoshoots

Attach pictures to your invite (wedding website now), so that it tells a story of your love to the world. After the wedding, it becomes a wedding picture gallery for every one of your guests. Update your pictures any number of times in a year. Upload up to 500 pictures from any device. It works even on a smart TV.

6. Write your love story in words

We believe you have a fantastic story to tell the world about your journey together till the wedding, express yourself in your own words. The world wants to hear.

7. Attach your favorite videos

Do you cherish the adventure you did together recorded on your vacation? Attach the video to the invitation. Attach any of your favorite videos together (or) Just record a video from your phone camera & speak to your guests. It plays to everyone from within the invitation in full screen.

8. Attach the YouTube live stream of the event.

Not every one of the loved ones can attend the event in person. If you are one of the few people who host it online, just attach it to your invite.

How your online invitation is reusable?

A domain like JackWedsRose.com needs to be registered at least for a year, so your money should not sit idle after your event. Here are some creative uses for your invitation after the event.

1. Upload event videos

Now it’s time to show your guests what happened at the event once the recording came in. It helps the loved ones who couldn’t make it to the event. 

Just log in to the account and update the video URL’s

2. Upload event Pictures

It’s time to get real. It’s going to be a real hard to send all event pictures of people who attended the event one by one to them.

Instead, you can just update the event pictures to your invite & intimate all the guests to recheck the invitation shared for updated pictures. Let the recipient choose which one to download for themselves.

This way, it doesn’t clog up their device space. Win-Win for both.

3. Birthday Party / Anniversary celebrations

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and throw a party in the first year of the budding relationship.

Create an invitation with the same account for every celebration like

  • https://anniversary.JackRose.com
  • https://birthdayparty.JackRose.com
  • http://babyarrival.JackRose.com

No need to pay for every other invite you create within a year.

4. Your memory

Your invitation always shows the days elapsed since the wedding happened. Just open your invite, you’ll know how many days passed since the event.

It just stays as a memory of your love for each other for years.


At Weddinvit, we remove all the technical stuff needed to register a domain name, hosting, managing traffic, etc. from you.

We do all these for you at a price less than what you spend on a single printed invitation.

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